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Pool and security

The swimming pool of the villa, and the aquatic basin, meet new security standards

An instruction manual is given to the tenant, who acknowledge having received it. The whole use instructions, and warning information, (phone number in case of emergency, are displayed. 

(Law No. 2003-9, of the January 3rd 2003, on the safety of pools / Decree 2003 - 1389, of the December 31st 2003).

Safety systems which are fitted in the villa Mévania

  • 3 sound alarms systems  AQUALARM : 2 for the pool and 1 for the aquatic basin  (NF P90-307)


  • The access to the pool is closed by a sliding door, with locking latches (which require two simultaneous actions to open them).
  • much attention has been given to the other possible access ways.

- You will find collars for monitoring of children..
- There is a cover for the spa (above ground part) with locking system, (leave the spa cover when out use)

Requirements of the Association Française de Normalisation (AFNOR), the French standards body: "

Security systems are no substitute to the vigilance of a parents.......