france  grande bretagne


Shortcuts towards the sea :

Coming from the villa, take the road to the top, then turn sharp right (at the red house) and carry on along the street.  This road is called « avenue des Eucalyptus ». After a while, you will walk over a small green wrought and you you will see some rocs,then you will cross the road (avenue de Vallauris) beware of cars, straight on over a green iron bridge. Then, you will cross the garden called « Square des Eucalyptus ». Here, there is a petanque (few petanque players are often there) Next to children attractions.
Then, you reach the road RN7 and a bus stop. This is the bus service (bus200) to Cannes. On the other side of the « RN7 » road, on the left, there is another bus stop for the bus service in direction to Nice(bus200) or bus to Juan les Pins.

  • 1first shortcut by car  : Off the main road (RN7) take left into chemin de la mer all the way to the underground, under the railway, that leads to beaches. You can  go there by car and park your vehicule along the way, then take the underground. to the beaches.  This is a way to avoid the crossing of Juan les Pins before reaching beaches. 
  • Second shortcut by foot : Cross the main road then cross the parking lot, take the walking (Accès plages) Allée de la Méditerranée or chemin de la mer  Then you will reach the  underground way, under the railway, that leads to beaches. Here, it is possible to park. For this way, you need to walk approximately 15 minutes (1.8 km), and this avoid to walk or to drive all the way to Juan les Pins